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A Mans Health Shows Through His Skin

Before Michael visited Akeia Wellness, he couldn’t relate his skin condition to his total body functioning. Michael, like many, believed that his condition was only skin deep and could not attribute other factors to his sudden onset and long lived skin condition leading him to take topical applications as the only remedy. When he visited […]

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Management of Type I Diabetes

How A Mothers Quick Response Saved Her Daughter From A Lifetime of Insulin Injections After Jenny’s* grandmother passed away in 2015, the family was at an all-time low. Jenny was only 5 years old at that time. It was not long after the funeral when her mother noticed that something strange about her daughter. “She […]

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The Pain That Would Not Go Away

The Inspiring Story of a Woman’s Fight Against Rheumatoid Arthritis “I couldn’t lie down, let alone sleep. I used to watch the rest of my family soundly go to bed, then sit on the couch, hoping to lay my back to rest, but still the pain was unbearable. I had waved good bye to my […]

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