A Mans Health Shows Through His Skin

Before Michael visited Akeia Wellness, he couldn’t relate his skin condition to his total body functioning. Michael, like many, believed that his condition was only skin deep and could not attribute other factors to his sudden onset and long lived skin condition leading him to take topical applications as the only remedy.

When he visited Akeia Wellness, Michael was distraught. After walking in and out of many dermatologists offices, he was not sure that any new approach would make a difference, especially an approach that involved integrated medicine. It was obvious from his posture and demeanor that he had lost all hope and was not expecting much change. He had previously been diagnosed with deep folliculitis, and treated with a seven day course of antibiotics followed by a three month course of steroids. This managed to suppress the condition while he was on the medication, and it flared up right after he completed his course. This cycle of antibiotics and steroids was repeated a further two times by different dermatologists, over a six month period. This resulted in significant weight gain, and elevated cholesterol levels. Michael simply stated “I just want to be well.”

On the first visit, he weighed about 73 kilograms (161 pounds) and had extensive deep folliculitis particularly affecting his face. This bore heavy on his self-esteem, he had been avoiding social functions and always wore a hat and sunglasses when he was obliged to go out. He came to Akeia Wellness as a last resort after being referred by his friend. Based on his complaints and physical examination, our doctors recommended investigations which for his overall health, including liver, kidneys, hematology, and key levels of vitamins and minerals.

The results showed an increased level of inflammation, with effects of steroids evident in his blood works, kidney function and liver function. We used targeted nutraceutics, and key supplementation of vitamins and minerals to improve his core body function, as well as recommended changes to diet. The key areas of focus were improvement of digestion, avoidance of foods causing inflammation, and improvements of kidney and liver function.

Three months into his treatment, he reported much improved levels of energy, and a marked reduction in folliculitis. Lab tests showed that key indicators of liver, and kidney function had normalized, and cholesterol levels were back within range. He was given a clean bill of health after six months, and continues to follow our dietary recommendations and supplementation.


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