Are you looking for a better Approach to your Health?


Intake Process

​Your first session will be a detailed intake process with a 360 degree evaluation that will take into account your physical, mental and environmental health and the various factors surrounding it. Your doctor will take you through this process and will ask several questions aimed at getting to the root cause of your conditions. 

Blood works, and any other necessary investigations will be recommended at this stage.

You should bring along any prescriptions, medication and your recent health investigations as this will help the doctor to figure out any trends and better understand your history.

1 Hour

​Blood works & testing

​All facilities are equipped with inhouse blood testing for your convineince. Our blood work panels are custom designed to ensure we get the maximum possible information. You will be directed by our friendly staff and they will ensure you are served quickly and efficiently. The tests can be carried out on the same day as your initial visit, or can be scheduled for a future date. 


Intake Follow up

This usually takes place a week after your initial intake. Our doctors will receive and review your blood works and investigations prior to your visit, and ensure that any urgent areas of focus are highlighted to you and worked on immediately. 

During this follow up, you will be explained in detail the results of the investigations, and the effects of your results on your long term health. The doctor will advise you on any lifestyle changes that you will need to make, and should be able to inform you about the frequency of visits you will be expected to make. 

You will also be given advanced Nutraceutics which will offer targeted improvement of root cause and improvement of symptoms of underlying conditions.

​45 Minutes


​30 Minutes

Regular Follow up

Your doctor will recommend a schedule for follow up which they feel will be best to get you into optimal health in a timely and safe manner. Functional medicine works best when both the patient and the doctor work together and focus on long term health. Regular follow up by our doctors ensures that you stay on the right path, and gives you the extra motivation to get to great health.

Follow ups may be recommended in any frequency ranging from weekly to every 6 months depending on the level of improvement you achieve.

In some instances, our doctors may recommend a health program to monitor your condition over a period of three months.

​Continuing your Journey

Health Programmes

​Some people require extra care and regular supervision and encouragement to ensure they achieve their health goals. We have tailor made programs just for them! Your doctor may recommend such a program for you for a period between three to six months. You can read all about them in here