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Health is more than the absence of disease

At Akeia, we believe in treating the whole person using Functional and Integrative Medicine. An Akeia evaluation involves a full 360 degree evaluation using smart diagnostics and a caring approach. We use emerging tools and tests that provide a unique functional view of our patient and help us understand their condition from the root cause.

Healthcare that works for you

We believe that your body is designed for optimal health. If provided with the right nutrients, proper sleep, sufficient physical activity, toxin avoidance and stress reduction, you will exhibit excellent energy, a robust immune system and cognitive clarity. This is not alternative medicine, it is advanced evidence based medicine. We do not believe in just a pill for an ill for lasting health. At Akeia, we work collaboratively with patients to ensure optimal health outcomes are achieved.

Short waiting times  |  More time with your doctor

Continuous collaboration for your journey to good health

The best outcomes come from patients and us working together in the long term, and not just one off visits. Our data shows remarkable improvements for patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, polcystic ovarian syndrome, and many othersThe human body functions as a whole, and we use the knowledge of all these interactions to solve complex conditions in our patients. This saves patients expensive visits to various specialists, as we specialize in the body as a whole.

What our Patients are saying about us


Thank you! I highly recommend Akeia Health, after 15 years of suffering horrible symptoms of hypothyroidism, within 3 months of doing they’re health program, I have not just lost some weight and feel beautiful again, but have never felt this energetic in a long time! Dr. Shenal is brilliant and so knowledgeable, god bless her and her team. I am very grateful and am actively telling my friends and family not to waste time in starting treatment at Akeia.

R. Birgen



I have been to the best specialists across the world, but no doctor could figure out why I was sick, because my blood tests were 'normal'. Dr. Shenal has done for me what no other doctor has done! Her approach was very thorough, spending an hour with me to understand and get to the root cause of my condition. I will never forget sitting in her office and hearing her say “When we take care of the this bacteria over growth in the gut you will start having less pain” and thinking it couldn’t be that easy… but it was. With proper diet, the right supplements and medicine it’s made a greater change in my life then you will ever know. I tell everyone I see about… My lSife has changed in less than 6 months after suffering for 7 years!

Sheila/ United Nations


I recently sent a family member to Akeia, for a chronic condition that was not improving with other doctors. He was seen by a colleague of Dr. Shenal (I understand they work together), whose integrative approach led finally to a diagnosis no one else had figured out. What was even more amazing was Dr. Shenal gave us advice through her colleague doctor, while she was more than 1000km away at a conference.  This is what you call top notch modern medicine, we want to say a big THANK YOU!!

E. Mwangi
Software Developer Oracle 

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