Balancing And Creating More Time In Our Fast Paced Lives

In the 1960’s only 20% of mother’s worked in employment as compared to now where 70% of women are working. The main reason why it is this way, is due to advances in technology, cost of living and the race to get to the next stage in life, and being financially secure. The world’s time perception has been increased by urgency in communication. As a matter of fact, we become stressed, sick and even feel inferior trying to chase an overwhelming world. Despite all this, we still put great strength and effort to an unknown race of infinity end.
Ask yourself and be sincere, what am I racing towards? You couldn’t come up with a good reason, right? You may think you do not have enough time at your disposal, which may be true yet untrue. It all depends on you. If you adopt a thinking of abundant time, you’d get a lot done at your pace, at your time!

Stress is the #1 cause of health problems – mentally and physically. And there are few things that stress us out on a consistent basis like work does, especially when it takes away from all of the other things that life has to offer.

So, how do you create more time and health in this fast paced world?

Understand that time management is key to a balanced life. Learn to prioritize. You shouldn’t go for every meeting, delegate! Plan your time out on your activities carefully and you stick to them. Don’t be forced to take up other activities. Be happy doing your daily work. Understanding time management sets you on a new whole level. Regular and sustained practice is all that is required to restore balance to your life. Always look at the bigger picture. Learn to be positive and sooner you’d feel in control of your time.

You are Human, simplify your goals

Yes, we dream of a better us; we want to make our lives better in the twinkling of an eye. Thoughts like these are why we endanger our health. If you are the type with a huge dream, take time to plan how to fulfill them carefully. Get a journal; write out your short and long term goals. Look for effective ways to achieve them without jeopardizing your time and your health.

Know your body system

The key to a balanced health is respecting your body. It is the temple to your soul. Even the most effective machines when overused, break down. How much more? Endeavor to nurture your body, consume a well balanced diet, and say no to junk food. Take time to exercise, it helps your body develop well at the same time increasing your energy. When the body is taken to consideration, it has the ability to develop the endurance to face challenges presented, with a greater sense of ease.

Develop a Positive Mentality

There is nothing more assuring about life as having a positive mentality. When you are positive, people feel charged about it and they always want to be around. No one likes a negative person. To develop your attitude, say incredible things to yourself each day. No one can truly motivate you from deep within except yourself. When all seems to be down, take a deep breath and look at all the positives in your life. No matter how things may turn, always reflect on all the good things that has happened in your life.

Spend less Time on Electronics and More developing your Passions and Hobbies in your Free Time

Passions as in hobbies and can bring out the creativity in us. If you love singing, you’ll never get bored singing, listening to songs and jotting new lyrics compared to drawing. As a singer, you may not be interested in drawing. It is not bad after all. If you work in a high-profile place, dedicate time to have fun, bring your family and friends together, do what gives you joy. You shouldn’t camp yourself to boring and unfulfilling activities.

The Bottom Line what we All Need to Remember

What we all need to remind ourselves is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • It’s okay to ask to move to fewer hours at work.
  • It’s okay to ask to work from home if your job allows it.
  • It’s okay to take a month of unpaid leave while you raise a child.
  • It’s okay to take a week-long vacation if we need to.
  • It’s okay… you get the idea.

Don’t let life pass you by in the name of fear, circumstance, greed, or misguided hopes. All these are root causes for chronic disease. Sometimes you just need the courage to draw a line in the sand and say “enough is enough”.

About the Author Dr. Shenal