Welcome! I’m so glad you found our website.

Helping people is my passion and nature. I’ve spent the past decade learning, challenging myself, searching and growing into a field of healthcare that works.

This passion has taken my learning to places like Cardiff University, Harvard Medical School and researching with a professor from Cambridge University. My mission has been evolving over the years but the bottom line is – to reach people far and wide in as many ways possible, where majority of our population lives everyday with a broken system of medicine. It is why I finally chose integrative and functional medicine, which matched my personal beliefs, that the body is a mechanism way beyond science can fully understand, and has a superior ability to heal if understood from a root cause biological and emotional approach.

While I am in no way against medical doctors – in fact it takes a lot of intellect, courage and patience to go through medical training and practice – the reality is the system is stressful, hurried and far from healing for chronic conditions. One long term medication leads to side effects – leading to more medication – the - current model is strife with over treatment, where it is easier to quickly prescribe a pill or surgery, than to sit, connect and discuss and find the root cause. I have come from a pharmaceutic training background and therefore medicines and treatment and how they interact with each other and the body is my expertise.

I had an old friend recently ask me, if you know how well modern medicine works why would you go into functional and integrative medicine? “Good question, I told her, I am now much more satisfied with the toolbox I have to offer to patients. I’m able to treat patients with complex medical conditions who have fallen through the medical cracks with little hope, who after following recommendations come and tell me they never knew they good feel so healthy!”

I have had a rare opportunity to represent Kenya in Germany for a conference held with over 700 medical doctors from all walks of life talking about integrative medicine. I was given the floor to speak impromptu in front of the WHO director in a plenary session on worldwide medical pitfalls and how we can fill those gaps in with integrative medicine. It was heart warming to see the response and humbling at the same time, where presidents of international organisations were shaking my hand and congratulating my speech. I have further involved myself in education, as a distance lecturer in integrative and functional medicine, to help other doctors wanting to pursue a highly satisfactory type of new medicine.

I practice what I preach, and I understand not everyone can see me in person, so I share a lot through my website and e-mails. I’ve seen incredible changes in my patients almost every day – from CEO’s of multinationals, to leaders, to mothers and whole families. There are no boundaries in this world in this day and age, with already having seen patients from 13 countries and counting. If you are truly looking to get to the root cause of your problems, not just more surgery or medication to get you healthier, you are in the right place. I hope you have a chance to discover this type of medicine with me or someone in my team!