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Patient Stories – Kelly, pain to running again

Kelly spent over 20 years living with chronic stomach issues and Crohns disease. She also suffered from Chronic joint pain for more than 7 years. She had spent over 20,000 dollars and must have tried all the therapies and conventional specialists from all over the world – nothing gave her lasting pain relief. Then she […]

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Community Health – How to plan and eat better

This month, I had the unique opportunity of being invited to a talk by a community Health and Wellness Committee. These talks are a great way of getting people together and discussing healthcare best practices. All of our doctors, Dr Nightingale, Dr Jacqueline and myself were involved, and our aim was to raise awareness of […]

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Heavy Metals – The increased incidence of Heart Disease, Cancer, and Chronic Conditions

Root cause is a cornerstone of Functional and Integrative medicine. We are seeing increasing complications that are chronic in nature. A key element that forms a common denominator in cases of Cancer, Atherosclerosis, and Chronic Conditions is the presence of high levels of heavy metals. Despite the existance of credible evidence pointing to the effects […]

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The Problem with Weight Loss through Surgery

I am often asked this question – Why not lose weight through surgery? The answer is more complicated than meets the eye. It takes a good understanding of the risks involved and the end goal for patients to make informed choices. Surgical procedures started becoming popular in the early 2000’s for a ‘quickie’ weight loss. […]

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Balancing And Creating More Time In Our Fast Paced Lives

In the 1960’s only 20% of mother’s worked in employment as compared to now where 70% of women are working. The main reason why it is this way, is due to advances in technology, cost of living and the race to get to the next stage in life, and being financially secure. The world’s time […]

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Microbiome, Bacteria Controlling our Genetics

New research is spurring exciting developments showing the presence of trillions of bacteria that survive inside our body and how those bacteria affects our genes. Science is driving us all nuts with such mind blowing yet fascinating information regarding new developments. We have always known bacteria as pathogens – the bad guys. Scientists are digging […]

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The Pain That Would Not Go Away

The Inspiring Story of a Woman’s Fight Against Rheumatoid Arthritis “I couldn’t lie down, let alone sleep. I used to watch the rest of my family soundly go to bed, then sit on the couch, hoping to lay my back to rest, but still the pain was unbearable. I had waved good bye to my […]

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